Tuesday, December 9, 2008

USB Storage device.

USB storage devices are relatively cheap these days, as such in order to avoid my kids from messing up my PC hard drives, i had instructed that my kids, including those from Primary School to get their own USB storage devices. They are required to a get a RM20.00 USB storage device each using their own Hari Raya Puasa money, immediately after the first day of Raya. I did this, in order to provide a psychological reason, that will make them take a better care of their own USB storage devices and educating them, to spend their money wisely rather than on some silly "mini fireworks" which is a norm for the kids here. They are free to use their own USB storage device for keeping whatever they want, downloads - songs, you-tubes, movies, games and for their school work such as for contents of their folios.

And I have regularly reminded them on how to remove their USB storage device, safely. I found out that somebody had written those reminders so I am sharing it with you.

Proper Removal

Are you one of the many who use a flash drive these days? I mean, really, how can you resist? They are so simple to use and just as convenient as can be. So, tell me, when you go to remove your flash drive from the USB port it's in, how do you do it? Do you just yank it out of there and go on with your day? If you do, that's not really the proper way to do it and if you keep doing it that way, you could end up ruining your flash drive. Well, lucky for you, I have come bearing instructions on how to properly remove a flash drive from your computer.

There are actually a couple different ways you can do this. I suggest that you read through them and choose the one that you feel the most comfortable with. The first one has a few less steps than the second, so we'll start there. When you're ready to take your flash drive out, double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and find the drive that your flash drive is listed under. (It will usually be listed under a "Removable Disk" letter). Right click on that drive and choose Eject. You can then remove the flash drive with no risks of ruining anything.

The second way is to use your Safely Remove Hardware icon, located in your bottom system tray. Double click on that icon (it's a little green arrow with a little gray disk underneath it). Highlight the choice that says "USB Mass Storage Device" and click on the Stop button. Next, find the entry for your flash drive and click on it so it's highlighted. Click OK. You will then see a little pop up window in the bottom of your screen telling you that it's now safe to remove the hardware. Once you see that, you can remove the flash drive and go on your way. As you can see, both ways are very easy to do, but you need to make sure you do at least one of them, in order to keep your flash drive safe!

~ Erin ( Courtesy )

There is no limit to creativity (courtesy - st.bull my egroup)

Phillips Electronics in collaboration with Swarovski made the 'Active Crystal' collection of USB memory. These are really fancy.

This is platinum USB drive hand set with 350
white diamonds. It even comes with a solid
platinum chain and you can have it for $38,000.

Here are some less expencive.



There are memory sticks shaped like food...

ice cream

or drink.



teddy bear...


Disney caracters...

Human thumb

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